How to Know You are NOT Having a Nervous Breakdown… Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

When we ask for answers, the universe provides us with what we need to know to assist us in healing and transcending what stands in our way of our highest potential.  However, it is often in our darkest moments, we get a glimpse of this deeper understanding.   If you feel confused, sad, anxious or in crisis of any kind, it may be a sign that what you are really experiencing is a spiritual awakening.

I am all too familiar with the heady sensations of what I equate to being ‘spiritual growing pains’, however recently things took a turn when I learned of an old friends passing, and before I knew it, I was having a (mini) existential crisis.  I recognized I had received an important message from the universe that explained everything I had been confused about.  What felt like an emotional breakdown was really a just spiritual breakthrough or realignment.  It’s your higher self’s way of saying, you need to refocus your awareness and continue working towards experiencing the expanded version of yourself.

For most people unfortunately, the path to spiritual enlightenment is usually paved with unforeseen trauma or suffering, and my story is no different.  Not so long ago, through a series of divine interventions, I uncovered the dead body of a dear friend.  While her soul had clearly moved on, what was left behind was profoundly shocking.  The incident shook me to my core and forever changed me.   I was haunted by what I had seen, emotionally and mentally paralyzed by the situation for quite some time.

Things only began to shift for me when I started to understand that even though this painful event would always be part of who I now was, I had the tools to transcend this and in fact, use it to propel me forward.  We have an immense capacity to heal ourselves through our connection to our higher self and our limitless link to the infinite intelligence, which provides us the information needed to assist us at all times.

When we are able to be grateful for both our good fortune and our misfortune and we begin seeing unwanted circumstances as the gift they truly are, we break through to an expanded thinking that no longer holds us captive to our old issues.  While the trauma may always be present for you, it now wields no power.  What was once perceived as a roadblock to your well-being, is a now a celebrated milestone in your spiritual journey.

It is important to know, you don’t have to wait to have a major life crisis to have transformation.  In fact, it is far simpler to instigate change by embracing the circumstances of your life and letting your higher consciousness be your guide.  Regardless of what happens to us, we have an infinite capacity to transform our human condition and live a charmed life in spite of it.

So the next time it feels like your life has hit a roadblock or you are confounded by old issues, take heart in knowing that even thought it might feel like a breakdown, its really the universe prodding you to see it as a breakthrough and realign with your highest potential.

Common signs that what you are experiencing is probably a spiritual awakening:

•  You notice old issues, challenges and problems you believed were long resolved, begin resurfacing.  You find yourself confused about the path you are on and you struggle with clouded or distorted thinking.  You feel like you have been knocked off course, lost your footing, direction or momentum.

•  You experience waves of intense emotions and go from feeling happy, sad, angry, lonely, fearful, joyful, and back again, sometimes in a relatively short span of time.

•  You notice varying levels of energy and sleep patterns change.  You may feel restless, yet still have lots of energy or you feel wide-awake, even though you might not have had much sleep.

• Your understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection intensifies and you feel a desire to be healthier and to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.  Your eating habits and tastes change and you begin to naturally nurture your body through physical activity, making positive changes in regards to your physical existence.

• You begin noticing physical sensations like:  shivers, goose-bumps, chills, tingles, hair standing on end, pressure, vibration or buzzing around your third eye and crown chakras.

•  You begin having great flashes of insight, inspiration, knowledge and expanded thinking.  You are flooded with information, data and an understanding of how things work.  Suddenly complex subjects make sense. You have boundless creativity, inspiration and motivation.

•  You begin to notice a feeling of deep, profound love, empathy and compassion for others and the world you inhabit.  You feel in service to others.

•  You 6th sense is activated and you become intuitively sensitive to the subtle energies that surround you.   You notice flashes of light, shadows, balls of light, movement in your peripheral vision or grids of moving energy.  You may hear your name being called, voices, humming or buzzing in your ears.  You may smell fleeting odors like smoke and perfumes or have the sense someone is near you.   These are all signs of our spirit guides and divine allies revealing their presence.

•   You start noticing signs, symbols and messages that speak directly to you that before you were unable to recognize or comprehend.   You notice repeating patterns, numbers and images and you understand the symbolism behind this information.

•  Synchronicities, coincidences and happenstance begins occurring for you more and more.  The right people, situations and circumstances come into your experience that support your goals and show you are on the right path.

•  Your intuition begins shedding light on the parts of yourself that no longer serve you and there is a desire to breakaway from restrictive patterns, limiting beliefs, bad habits and sabotaging behaviors that have become roadblocks.   You start to make inroads to letting go of the things that are standing in the way.

•  Your view of yourself and the world changes.  You perceive yourself differently in relation to your place in it, and you begin operating from this expanded perspective.  In turn, the world begins responding to you differently and you begin seeing signs of the universe conspiring to give you all you are aligned with.

•  You begin developing a trust in yourself and deeper knowing, that at all times, you are protected and guided to your highest good and purpose.