7 Advantages and 3 disadvantages of having a past life analysis

We are all human beings, and therefore we all are susceptible to weaknesses and deficiencies. We all have problems in our relationships, careers or health. Every human being gets a sting of these problems at some point in their lives.

Therefore, we turn to these gifted psychics who might give us a clue through their psychic abilities as to where the problem really lies. A past life analysis is one such endeavor to solve our problems which can open doors to our past lives for bettering our present lives. Besides, it can also explore the reasons about things that have always mystified us. Why we like some people instantly, why some things we get attracted to immediately and why we become addicted to some things while other things we despise without any valid reason etc.

Before exploring the relative advantages and disadvantages of past life analysis, it is important to note the differences between the two methods of past life analysis-past life regression and past life reading. In the past life regression, a person is hypnotized by a psychic to transport him/her back to the previous life. In the past life reading, there is absence of hypnosis and the psychic travels to one’s past in order to collect the necessary information. These psychics mostly go through a rigorous process for developing telepathy and psychic abilities to become capable of conducting these sessions.

Hypnosis is a process of awareness which demands extreme level of focus on one’s inner self in order to get access to the memories of the past. Also it is interesting to note that it is a transient state during which one could be seeing past memories while one is hearing birds chirping outside the office, or one is aware of one’s comfortable positioning or reclining in the office.

It is also important to note that no two sessions are exactly alike. Accessing your past life is more about how open you are, how eager you are and how much coordination you and your psychic have. It will not matter how much books, reference materials etc. you read or how much you desire it not unless you do the necessary things required for past life regression.

What can you expect from Past Life Analysis?

There are several possibilities as to the results of a session. Reviewing your past memories might resolve any problems in your current relationships, clear any emotional problems you might have or can even heal physical pains. You might be able to untangle many mysteries of your life that you have always wondered about. This could satisfy your sense of curiosity. The feeling that you have lived before and will live again as a spirit gives a great deal of perspective on your life and makes you more objective in your present life.

The hypnosis session could be used for the purpose of past life regression only or it can used within the larger context of alchemical hypnotherapy session. Besides the past life regression, a person may experience other things as well like etheric plane communication or inner guide work etc. The alchemy name in alchemical hypnotherapy comes because the ancient alchemists were also trying to transform the human spirit by accessing their past lives, contrary to the popular belief that they were concerned with transforming metals into gold.


Reviewing broken promises in the past:

We all have made promises in our past lives, the majority of which we probably lived up to but some we might have disregarded. These disregarded promises might have affected someone very badly, especially promises like “I will always be with you etc.”

By going back to our former selves, we can see if we have any outstanding obligation towards anyone. If there is any then we might atone for those broken promises and might make changes suitable to our present needs.

Enhancing Creativity:

Many of us could have been gifted with different talents or creative attributes in the past lives that we no longer possess anymore. Therefore, if we journey back in our past lives, then we can bring that attribute to our present selves, making us more gifted and creative.


Overt Acts:

It is quite possible that the past life self was not the victim of a bad happening. On the contrary, the past life self could very well be the perpetrator. If this is the case, then the healing begins only after seeking the forgiveness of the present life self by the past life self or by an act of atonement by the past life self.

Trauma Healing:

This is the most important benefit of past life analysis. In this, the past life self who is tormented by a trauma is rescued by bringing the self to the present time. The effect of the trauma could also be mitigated by making our higher-selves view that trauma event as a whole, hence gaining a perspective regarding that event.


Birthmarks are considered to be the strongest evidence for reincarnation. There is a famous story of an Indian boy who claimed remembering the life of Maha Ram who he said was shot-gunned long ago. The boy had those bullet birthmarks on his chest. On checking, it was indeed found that there lived such a Maha Ram long ago.


This benefit might seem a little unimportant but it the most profound reason for past life analysis in the first place. It is because after this experience people know who they are and what their passions, weaknesses, values, beliefs and hidden talents etc are. They feel more grounded and affirmed.

Explanation for certain mysteries:

Have you ever wondered about a person who was born in your country yet he/she is interested to the point of obsession with another culture. You might also know someone who dresses up differently as if he/she is dressing up for a whole different era or period. Is this all mere coincidence or someone actually lived a century ago and hasn’t forgotten his/her tastes or preferences?  You might just have all these different traits or preferences therefore it is good that you unveil the mystery by yourself.


1- Although there are no harmful effects of past life analysis generally. But sometimes people with greater risk for heart attacks or a stroke could be negatively affected through this. Therefore, generally those people should avoid from feeling intense emotions. They should inform their therapist before the session. It is even advisable that they even get an approval from their physician before going through this experience.

2- The therapy could be very slow and time consuming. This might be due to the client‘s unresponsiveness. If a person is not feeling comfortable or trusting the psychic fully, then it is possible that the psychic would not be able to guide him/her to their past lives. It is extremely important that the client be eager and responsive and fully committed to the task at hand.

3- If the psychic himself/herself is not competent then this could also very negatively affect the process. It is necessary that the psychic come up with the right questions to guide them to their past lives. If the psychic is good, then he/she could make the client comfortable with their skill set and expertise. Otherwise the process will not be effective.



Many critics point that all the memories could all just be made up and have no connection with actual reality. To that it could be said that there are procedures through which one can check the validity of the memories. But even if it is made up, it still is very beneficial. Strictly speaking, all our life is made up for us. We all made up the story of wanting to go to a school to get a profession, to get married, to have children and then to get old with our spouses. So the point is what if it is all made up as long as it is beneficial? If it is benefiting and no harm is done, then why should not one try this?

If you are curious about the process of a past life analysis session, then please check the link below to satiate your curiosity.


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