How to Combat Negativity: Activating your ‘Psychic Armor’

When you experience negativity of any kind or its cohorts: fear, anxiety, worry, stress, insecurity, doubt, anger (add your favorite here), it is a strong indicator you are disconnected from your higher self, your spirit and your intuitive guidance.  In turn, you become a powerful channel for other undesired circumstances to come into your experience.

The way you know this is happening is you have the stress, chaos and dysfunction in your life to show for it….   

When you operate from limited, fear base thinking, in that natural state of closed, disconnection, you become vulnerable to self-sabotage and external manipulation.  So it becomes important that you begin cleaning up your energy first.

You have the ability to block negativity and transcend fear in any moment….

Whether it is your internal criticism or the negativity of someone you interact with, it creates incredible obstacles in ways you may not realize are destructive to your well-being and prosperity.

However, within us lies an innate gift, our capacity to intuitively protect ourselves, from ourselves and from others personal agendas.  Our ‘Psychic Armor’ is an energetic shield or force field we can consciously call upon to combat any fears, anxieties and insecurities we may have, as well as making us immune to external negativity that sabotages our highest intentions.

I call it being ‘Psychic Teflon’, where no one and nothing can harm us or even get us in a bad mood and you can now see it coming from a mile away, so you can protect yourself accordingly.   Everything just rolls right off the side of that big protective bubble and you are able to keep moving forward regardless of what is going on around you.

Protection, the feeling of safety and well-being comes from simply knowing it exists…

When we call upon it, it is there for us and a total feeling of safety and protection becomes activated and intrinsically you feel it for yourself.   As we develop a deeper knowing that peace of mind is possible, regardless of the situation, we can begin dealing with anything threatening to your mental, emotional, physically and spiritual welfare.

‘Psychic Armor’ helps navigate the challenges we experience on a daily basis….   

This is one of my favorite intuitive tools because it can be applied to so many areas of your life to keep you moving forward, blocking your own self-sabotaging behaviors, as well as avoiding getting caught up in others dysfunction behaviors that derail your progress.

I call upon it daily, mostly for emotional protection when I am anxious (my biggest saboteur of my well-being), but as well, to alert me to anything else I need to know that is significant.  However, I find it most useful for combating negative people I am forced to deal with that try to impose their agendas on me or use emotional blackmail to get what they want.

Whether is flying or pushy people… it works all the same….

I deal with a certain person in my work world that is a bully. Although it took me a bit to figure out what was going on, eventually I realized this guy had no problem steamrolling anyone who gets in his way, which is dangerous because he has the direct ears of many people I rely on for more business.

Now whenever I have to deal with him, besides killing him with kindness, I made sure to protect myself first.  When I do this, things go smoothly because no matter what happens, I remain totally detached and intuitively I am provide with the best way to disarm him.  When I forget to protect myself, he usually backs me in a corner about something, suddenly at a loss for the right words and I am quickly reminded how I left myself open to that happening again.

When it comes to flying, I know I am not alone here when I say I am not a fan.  Some people are so fearful they never travel anywhere because of it.  However, I travel a lot for business and I can’t imagine not being able to see the world, so not flying is really not an option. And yet, my fears made the whole thing a pretty miserable process, the exact opposite of the enjoyment and peace of mind.

I began calling on my ‘Psychic Armor’ whenever I fly or when I am in other situations that feel vastly out of my control, of which there are many, to help me calm my nerves by turn it over, and surrender it, so to speak to something bigger than myself.

I do so by going through a quick ritual while the plane takes off. I ask Archangel Michael, who oversees our safety and serenity, especially in regards to travel for his expertise in protecting our journey.  I ask him to create the perfect flying conditions and to protect the plane by seeing to it that all the moving parts are in working order and that the flight team, particularly the pilots are operating at their highest functioning abilities.

And then I let go of the fear and trust it is now handled….

Instantly, I feel an incredible sense of relief and I am able to now relax and actually enjoy the experience of traveling, grateful for the ability to travel through time and space with such efficiency and safety.  I talk about a similar process in the article ‘Blue Shield believes too in psychic healing’

This work at it simplest is learning to utilize the tools we have at our disposal to make our lives less stressful and more prosperous and peaceful in every way. When you understand that you have access to total well-being at all times by releasing control and intrinsically believing all is well, you no longer are a victim to your circumstances…. And that my friend, is game changing.

Good Times to Engage your ‘Psychic Armor’….

•  Anytime you experience fear, stress, anxiety, worry, insecurity, doubt (add appropriate feeling here)

•  When you feel a threat to your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual well-being

•  When dealing with situations and circumstances that are out of or beyond your control

•  When negotiating for anything

•  When dealing with difficult or destructive personalities and personal agendas

• When traveling by all modes of transportation

•  When there are dangerous physical conditions

•  When knowingly going into any negative situation

How to Easily Activate Your ‘Psychic Armor’:

•  Asking for protection automatically activates your ‘Psychic Armor’.

•  Requesting support from your guides and guardian angels, ascended masters, deceased friends and family, collective consciousness (or whom ever you connect to), turning it over to them to deal with, so you don’t have to think about it anymore

•  Sending love initiates your ‘Psychic Armor’

•  Imagining a bubble of protective white, golden or purple light: a symbolic sign of protection.  You can bring anything you want to include in the sphere of protection:  person, place or thing.

•  Imagining a situation or time in your life where you felt profound safety, protection and love and re-experience the essence of that feeling again when you feel unprotected and vulnerable in anyway.

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