Archetypes – Who Are You? A Review

When it comes to archetypes, author Caroline Myss knows a thing or two about the subject.  In fact, she’s made of career out of imparting their significance in shaping, not only who we are, but influencing how we interact with others and the world at large.

Caroline explains that archetypes are the psychic lens through which we perceive ourselves and unless we are able to recognize our personal archetypal patterns and how they express themselves in our lives, we will never truly understand who we are on a soul level.  When we are unaware of who we are, we get in the way of our executing our higher purpose.

Even more, as we go about our lives, we act out these patterns and in the process we link up with others through this framework.  When we are unconscious of this, we often find ourselves in situations and relationships that don’t serve us.  It’s only when we become cognizant of our patterns can we transform the aspects that sabotage our growth, while nourishing the behaviors that are in line with our higher intentions.

When you are able to identify and explore your archetypal patterns, you come to understand your true self, the real you and you begin living the authentic expression of yourself.   In turn, you begin shaping your life in amazing ways: improving your health, prosperity, relationships and overall well-being.

I’ve been following Caroline’s work since I came across her intriguing book “Sacred Contracts”, a must read.  This is the book I wished I had read first.  She presents, what at times is intricate information in a simple, easy to understand manner, while supplying solutions and specific ways to apply this knowledge to your life.

This is a great resource to have handy that helps us uncover who we are and what are spirits true purpose is.   When we know that about ourselves, there is nothing stopping us from living the life we desire.

FTC Disclosure:  I am not financially compensated for this post. The opinions in this review are unbiased and reflect my honest judgment of the product

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